Arizona Mechanical Engineering



asme boiler design

AME has more than 50 years of combined experience designing fire-tube and water-tube boilers in accordance with the ASME Code.

We also can incorporate current FRA standards into boilers that will also meet ASME Code, Section I requirements. This work is primarily directed toward resolving the Factor of Safety and design stress values which are more conservative under FRA rules.

Flanged to Welded Tube Sheet Repair This photograph shows the installation of a tube sheet that was re-designed from a flanged and riveted configuration to an all welded application. The work conforms to the requirements of the National Board Inspection Code in both material selection and welding certifications

Currently we provide design support to Wasatch Engineering and Machine Co. along with the Vapor Locomotive Co. In both instances the work requires insight regarding material and combustion problems. The first, where the original boiler was built in Germany in 1925 employing a copper firebox, the second being a boiler to be applied to biomass firing. Both boilers are outside the generic scope of design, which provides an opportunity to apply our unique experience base.