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Photograph of Dave Griner

Over a period of 43 years Mr. Griner has had extensive and varied experience in the boiler and pressure vessel field. The range of this work extends from low pressure boilers thru inspection of nuclear reactor vessels and components.

Having graduated from The Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades in 1968,he immediately was employed by Erie City Iron Works as an Erector supervising the field assembly of power boilers and machinery.

After being drafted, he joined the US Navy, being employed aboard ship for four years in power generation. With an Honorable discharge and this experience he was accepted by The Hartford Steam Boiler and Inspection Co.

He advanced within the Company over a period of more than twenty years, being involved in a broad range of boiler and pressure vessel inspections. This work required a commission from The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NB7468), with the A, B, and N endorsements, accompanied by commissions from the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

His responsibilities included inspections verifying ASME Code implementation on new construction and in-service boilers and pressure vessels. These inspections included utility power plants, refineries, industrial power generation, and the construction of nuclear reactors, pumps and associated equipment.

During this tenure with H.S.B.I.&I.Co. he was designated as a Training and Seminar Instructor, developing and conducting numerous classes regarding inspections and construction for in house staff and industry customers. Most of this training was focused on proper welding, and inspection techniques, primarily regarding ASME Code requirements.

He was instrumental in developing a third party inspection capability, culminating in his appointment as the National Technical Supervisor for this business unit.

The latter part of Mr. Griner’s career has been dedicated to the operation, inspection and repair of historic boilers and machinery.

This has consisted of providing technical support and direction of a variety of projects associated with such organizations as the Strasburg Railroad, the Union Pacific Railroad, Virginia and Truckee, the Durango and Silverton. Services to these and other companies has consisted of project management, ASME Code compliance, research and development of historic data and techniques, FRA Inspector Training, along with historic material and construction data.

In line with his level of experience, Mr. Griner is a founding member of the Engineering Standards Committee ( this committee rewrote Part 230 of the FRA steam locomotive inspection requirements), and the National Board Inspection Code Task Group regarding locomotive boiler inspection and repair.

These life experiences have provided Mr. Griner with an extensive academic and practical background, which along with his network of associates, can be applied to the resolution of your particular project.

Mr. Griner may be contacted by phone at (307) 421-7304.