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cast iron repair

AMEs Chief Mechanical Officer (and CEO), David Griner, had the great fortune to have learned how to braze and weld iron castings from a man who started welding in 1919! There are two methods of “torch repair”, one using bronze filler material, the other using a cast iron rod. We can conduct electric repairs but prefer the torch method.

In any case, many castings of various shapes have been restored, along with replacing missing pieces such as bolting lugs, edges that have been broken away, worn or corroded areas and cracks of all descriptions.

Motor Frame Casting

Please contact this office to discuss your particular problem, we really like this work !

A specialty of AME is the repair and replication of cast iron parts. Seen here is an example of a more difficult repair due to the necessity of maintaining dimensional and geometric consistency in a rather complex casting. Cast iron is supplied in a variety of types and grades, this aspect requires careful attention to insure a successful repair.


Motor Frame CastingColor of the repaired area can be controlled by using various filler materials where it is necessary to maintain the original consistency.