Arizona Mechanical Engineering


FRA form 4 calculations

AME has extended knowledge concerning the current Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations regarding steam locomotive inspections. Members of our staff and some of our associates sit on the Engineering Standards Committee, along with the National Board Inspection Code, Task Group Committee. As such we have been participatory to the philosophy and generation of the existing FRA regulations.

An aspect of those rules is the requirement for each locomotive to be re-evaluated on every 1,472 service day inspection. Part of this inspection requires a complete FRA Form 4 set of calculations based on the actual thickness of the various boiler parts.

These calculations can, at times, be rather difficult to accomplish accurately. We offer our services to conduct an Ultrasonic Thickness Evaluation of the complete boiler at your facility and using those readings provide a certified set of calculations acceptable to FRA standards.

If your organization supplies an accurate set of thickness readings, we will develop a set of certified calculations based on those readings.