Arizona Mechanical Engineering


material specifications and acquisition

Many times when machinery requires repair and new parts are being made, the materials used in the original are unknown or in question. Since the functionality of the machine or boiler are based on the stress values of the materials, it becomes important to assure their correct replacement.

AME has extensive experience researching material characteristics and maintains an archive of current and historic specifications that include chemical and physical values. This capability allows comparison of older materials with the aspects of more readily available counterparts.

Armed with this information, we can then arrange to acquire the appropriate stock for your projects in a timely and most economic manner.

AME has the resources to research and document many material specifications used in the construction of historic boilers and machinery, including the ability to cross reference these to contemporary specifications. The company can provide testing that will accurately and positively identify those ferrous and non-ferrous metals, helping to determine the future useful life of the object.

Locomotive Bearing Specification